Why is the zariphico premium more expensive than other olive oils? What’s the difference?

High quality olive oil is cold extracted. This means that producers get 1kg of olive oil per 9-11kgs of olive fruit.A difference in Olive Oil price mainly depends on the production process used to extract the oils and on its purity. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is more expensive to produce comparing cheaper regular Olive Oils because of the higher costs at each stage of production, from grove to bottle. It is unrefined. Each tree needs to be harvested “personally”, each olive must be invited to the ground, in the same way it used to happen in ancient olive grove that has been part of the Mediterranean ecosystem since time immemorial.

How much olive oil should I consume to get the most health benefits? What’s the difference?

It found that the amount we need to consume is 20ml a day. With just these two tablespoons, according to the researchers, we will benefit from the antioxidant and healthy effects of the polyphenols it contains, including lowering of risk of diabetes and lowering blood pressure. Although there's no scientific evidence that consuming more olive oil is bad for you, one should not forget that 10 grams of olive oil (about one tablespoon) provide about 90 calories.

Can you cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Many people believe that it is not a good idea to cook with extra virgin olive oil. Several scientific studies have proven over the years that this myth is simply untrue. Not only is EVOO safe to cook with, but it is the most stable and safest cooking oil available.Scientific research provides unequivocal and definitive evidence that should finally dispel this myth. It shows that extra virgin olive oil is not only safe during heating at regular cooking temperatures but is the desirable cooking oil when compared with others. The production of potentially harmful polar compounds and trans fats was markedly lower in EVOO.Another commonly held myth is that the antioxidants and polyphenols in olive oil are destroyed by heat. This myth was debunked in 2007 in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. A team of researchers found that the extra virgin olive oil retained most of the nutritional benefits after heating it to 356°F (180 °C) for 36 hours. The phenols and antioxidants on EVOO have also been shown to make your food more nutritious.

Is olive oil healthier than other types of vegetable oil? Why?

According to health officials, fats and oils are an essential part of a balanced diet. Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K. It contains antioxidants and stimulates bone growth as well as calcium absorption. Olive oil is also easy to digest, allowing it to absorb completely into the system. In fact, the protective functions of olive oil have a beneficial effect on ulcers and gastritis. Olive oil stimulates the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormones more naturally than medications, and it also lowers the incidence of gallstone formation. I will add, for the end, that olive oil is literally a juice, whereas other vegetable oils require a lot of processing that often includes chemicals. 

What makes olive oil “extra virgin”?

Extra virgin: in addition to its cold extraction, an olive oil is extra virgin when its acidity level is less than 0.8%. The aromas of an extra virgin olive oil are more intense, and it contains more antioxidants and no defects. The acidity of Zariphico olive oils is less than 0.5%.

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the least processed variety of olive oil, since It’s extracted using natural methods and standardized for purity and certain sensory qualities, such as taste and smell.

What should I look for to get olive oil with the most nutritional benefits?

How to recognize a great olive oil? Indications of good quality EVOO is the aroma of fresh olives and a slight peppery aftertaste.

Extra virgin: in addition to its cold extraction (see below), an olive oil is extra virgin when its acidity level is less than 0.8%. The aromas of an extra virgin olive oil are more intense, and it contains more antioxidants and no defects. The acidity of Zariphico olive oils is less than 0.5%.

Monovarietal: a monovarietal oil is made from a single variety of olive fruit. At Zariphico, the oil is only produced from Koroneiki olives. Olive oils made from blends often lose flavor and complexity.

Cold-pressed: this is a more sophisticated process where the olive paste, after grinding, is not heated above 27 ° C. The olive oil that is extracted from it will then retain its aromas and nutritional benefits.

It is essential to pay attention to these three criteria when selecting your olive oil.

What is the exact polyphenolic profile of the oil?

Given their beneficial potential on human health, plant food bioactive molecules are important components influencing nutrition. Polyphenols have been widely acknowledged for their potentially protective role against several complex diseases. In particular, the polyphenols of olive oil (OOPs) emerge as the key components of many healthy diets and have been widely studied for their beneficial properties. The qualitative and quantitative profile defining the composition of olive oil phenolic molecules as well as their absorbance and metabolism once ingested are key aspects that need to be considered to fully understand the health potential of these molecules.

These molecules belong to the hydrophilic phenolic fraction constituting EVOO and are present in free, bound, or esterified forms. More than 30 different OOPs were identified in EVOOs with a total phenolic range varying between 50 and 800 mg/kg. 

Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil go bad?

The shelf life of an olive oil depends on several things. Because extra virgin olive oil contains natural antioxidants it is naturally resistant to oxidation. Mild, riper-style olive oils will tend to have a shorter shelf life than more robust oils. Also cloudy, unfiltered style oils have a very short shelf life because of the high amount of moisture and particulates in the oil that can result in fermentation over time. As a rule, the better the quality of an oil at production, the longer it will maintain its quality, so if you have a good quality oil that still tastes good at 2-1/2 years or more, don't hesitate to use it; very well-made oils from certain cultivars will be good and usable for three years. Here are some guidelines for the shelf life of different olive oils (keep in mind, this is the shelf life for sealed, unopened bottles stored in a cool, dark place—storage conditions are crucial for quality)

18-24 months for regular olive oil

12-24 months for extra virgin olive oil

3-4 months for cloudy, unfiltered olive oil

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil vegan?

The first extraction is what is referred to as “extra virgin oil.” Like many healthy oils for vegan meals, olive oil contains a high amount of monounsaturated fats and a low amount of saturated and polyunsaturated fats, making it a stable choice for a vegan diet.

I’m buying The Zariphico as a gift. What is the packaging like?

Every order arrives beautifully packaged in an environmentally friendly Zariphico Olive Oil gift box.